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My name is Alex. I am eight. I like technology, history, science and art. My mom homeschools me. I am the oldest in my family. I have three sisters and one baby brother. I have two cats, a dog and three bunnies. When I growup I want to go to China to see the Great Wall. This blog is all of my learning adventures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Loops of zen

These are the games that I've been doing, splitter 2, cargo bridge, demolition city, and loops of zen. I like these games because I have to solve problems. I also like them because they're fun. You have to complete the puzzles before you can move to the next level.

I got a Popular Mechanics magazine in the mail. I've been reading it at night before bed. I've read how to stop a hack attack on a compuer, the types of michelin wheels, and different types of chain saws. This magazine is good and I think people should read it to know how to stop a hack attack.

For History, I've been learning about China. I like China because of the Great Wall. They invented silk in China. Silk comes from a silk worm cocoon. We have silk play scarves. I like using them for being super heros.


  1. Hi Alex! I think it's fun that you have your own blog! I was homeschooled when I was 8, but we didn't have the internet then. I did have a lot of pen pals though.

    I think stopping a hack attack would be very useful to know! It happened to me once and the first thing I did was to unplug the internet from my laptop (it didn't have wireless). According to the magazine, was that a good thing to do?

    I would like to see the Great Wall of China too. I learned some words in Chinese...like how to say, "This is my book," but it wasn't easy!

  2. Alex, Grammy is very proud of you! You are so much like your dad was, when he was little. I love you lots and lots!

  3. Alex, I'm glad you like the magazine. I always liked it as a kid. Popular Mechanics has been around for decades. It might be fun if we look for old issues, to see what people thought the future might be like. It's sometimes funny, but always interesting!


  4. sproutingflowers-here's how to do it. Step one update. first check for security updates and patches. Step two eradicate. run a scan with your software and delete any suspicious files it finds. Step three monitor. to make sure viruses are gonerun a program to monitor incoming and outgoing data. step four reinstall. if a virus that resists your attempts to get it away you'll need to reinstall your system from scratch.

    Sarah- thanks

    Grammy- i love you too

    Dad- thanks. wow I never knew it was around for decades. that might be fun.