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My name is Alex. I am eight. I like technology, history, science and art. My mom homeschools me. I am the oldest in my family. I have three sisters and one baby brother. I have two cats, a dog and three bunnies. When I growup I want to go to China to see the Great Wall. This blog is all of my learning adventures.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MOSI Madness

MOSI stands for Museum of Science and Industry. This is me at the construction earthquake site. You can build a building with or without cross bars for support. If it is built well it will stand up to the shaking table when you press the button. Dad's tower fell over because it didn't have cross support. My tower with cross bars stood up. This project made me think about construction of buildings, towers and bridges. I think I would like to be a constructor when I grow up.

Some the exhibits weren't as interesting as I thought.

But there were other exhibits that I liked a lot.

I like MOSI because you can go to camp and science classes. They have a lot of exhibits you can put your hands on like the one here. This one shows probability of beads by turning the tube. I would like to go back soon.


  1. I have been in a few small earthquakes and I was very glad for buildings that did not collapse in the shaking! Good thing your dad didn't design them!

  2. It looks like you had a great time at the museum! We have a wonderful museum here in Connecticut, it's brand new this year and has all sorts of hands-on exhibits just like the ones you showed here in your blog.